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Thank  you for taking the time to look at these posts.  I'm often stuck on posting pics on Facebook and only a few of the highlights from weddings, events, family sessions, etc here on my site.  I hope to be able to blog at least once a month to be able to show more highlights of the work I'm lucky enough to do!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 04, 2017
By Dawn Kearney Photography

Hi friends,


I'm not a writer, but like most people, I fall asleep with wonderful ideas of what to say and things to do, and I wake up forgetting them all.  Despite that, here's my attempt to update you on what's been happening with Dawn Kearney Photography (myself) this past year or so...


Despite a tax identity theft, tax audit, kids having growth spurts and having to buy countless numbers of shoes month after month, and despite the all important sports try outs for travel teams and high school, some with happy outcomes, despite my 12 year old having countless issues with his start to middle school...we all hated middle school, right?  2016 was a great year!  It began slow but within a 2 month period I booked 7 weddings and I nailed them all!  My High School Senior Lifestyle sessions were amazing and I had the joy of photographing some beautiful and fun families during the Holiday Mini session season.  I had reunions,  Mitzvahs and lifestyle newborn sessions....working makes me happy.  My kids make me happy, but my work makes me complete.  


2017 has also been a slow start.  The identity theft is still not solved, neither is the audit, but I'm hopeful.  I've been doing my best to reach out to past clients and acquiring new clients.  90% of my business is from word of mouth and I wouldn't want it any other way.  My clients are my best form of advertising and I'm always so grateful when I receive a referral.  

On my down time, I try to create, come up with something new and beautiful my clients may be interested in.  Below are photos from a session I did with my daughter.  She and I do a session each year around her birthday.  She turns 15 in 10 days.  15!  In 3 short years, she's out of here....My heart drops every time I think of it.  

This session was done in my studio and then during the one 'snow day' we had this winter and she agreed to wear my wedding dress.  I'm so happy with how they turned out.  

I'd love to offer more of this type of session to you all.  They're called Blink of an Eye sessions.  They're for kids between the ages of 11 and 15, the time period where our kids are trying to figure out who they are and how they fit in.  A time period that we, as parents, are normally not able to 'document' as well as when they were babies or when they're ready for high school graduation.  It's a time of eye rolls and epiphanies of responsibility where we get a small glimpse of the type of human they will turn out to be.  For me, it's been my most challenging time as a parent.  My fingers are crossed that I'm doing an ok job.  But hey!  at least I have the photos to remember 10 years from now, that I tried.  

Blink of an Eye sessions are a two part photography session.  They can be done the same day or scheduled for separate times, depending on how we can make it work.  The first is a 30 minute studio session shot in portrait style and the second is an hour long on-location session, completely personalized to who your child is now.  Each package comes with an 8x8 soft cover photo book with a minimum of 24 images and a 5x5 custom designed wooden photo box with 50 images from your gallery.  The cost is $425.

Reach out to me, please, with any ideas of what you'd like to see Dawn Kearney Photography do in the future.  I'm always open.


Thank you!


Thursday, October 27, 2016
By Dawn Kearney Photography

This girl!

High School Senior Lifestyle sessions are one of my

favorites types of shoots!  I love meeting each and everyone of 

these 'kids'.  Someone asked me, recently, what's the point of these sessions?

For me, and hopefully, my clients, it's all about capturing a moment in time.  Our kids grow up

so quickly that many times, we forget to capture who they actually are, on film.  Hopefully, these sessions

are something that the parents and seniors themselves will look back on in 10-20 years,

and remember their ambitions and their hopes for the future.  Hopefully, especially if the senior

is going off to college, the book that's included in the package will be what the parents look at when they're missing

their young adult.  This time period is so important to document, for me.  My daughter is a freshman in HS right now,

and each time I think about how quickly she will be doing her own senior portraits and going

off to college, my heart hurts because she is my rock, and she deserves

to go off and have her own experiences.

Sorry, that became a little sappy.  

This blog is to show you the highlights of Ashley's day!  She's so lovely, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Go do great things girl!

Thursday, October 27, 2016
By Dawn Kearney Photography

4 boys under the age of 6 and we had soooo much fun!  Enjoy the highlights....

Tuesday, October 04, 2016
By Dawn Kearney Photography

Erin and Tim contacted me about 2 months before their wedding.  I met them at Star Bright Farms for the first time to do a venue walk through.  As soon as I arrived, I had my fingers crossed that they would hire me.  This place was the ultimate venue for a photographer.  I could not have been happier when they did hire me.  The venue was perfect, the ceremony was lovely and the party was so much fun!  Thank you Tim and Erin for giving me this opportunity!

Friday, September 30, 2016
By Dawn Kearney Photography

It's hard to describe how beautiful this wedding really was....the people, the venue, the CHURCH!  I was so proud to be included in Tom and Julie's special day!  The ceremony and reception were both at St. John's College in Annapolis, MD.  Enjoy the highlights!

Lifestyle photography with a passion to create moments to hold onto....